April 2018 MahoganyBooks Bestsellers

May 7, 2018 MahoganyBooks

Bestsellers lists are simply tools to help inform publishers how they should ration out their marketing and publicity budget to a short list of their author roster. There’s nothing wrong with that from a strictly […]

New Books in May 2018

May 2, 2018 MahoganyBooks

May 2018…a major literary event of seismic proportion. Is that hyperbolic? Yes, but how else do you respond when new literary content from Zora Neale Hurston is being published for the world to enjoy. Get […]

Author Favorites with Mychal Denzel Smith

November 2, 2017 MahoganyBooks

Author and professor, Melissa Harris-Perry, said of Mychal Denzel Smith’s Invisible Man, Got The Whole World Watching, “[it] answers the pressing but unasked question, what would happen if all those black boys felled by bullets had […]

New Books in October 2017

October 17, 2017 MahoganyBooks

Life is meant to be lived. Books are meant to be read. And the words within reveals the wide range of human experience, imagination, and potential. These new October books are a great example of […]

The Authors of The 2017 Root 100

September 25, 2017 MahoganyBooks

The Root 100 is the annual list of the most influential African Americans, ages 25 to 45 created by theroot.com. The Root used a unique algorithm calculating the persons reach, substance, and influence to determine the top […]

Study the Origins of Race & Racism | Booklist

September 5, 2017 MahoganyBooks

Definitions Bigotry: (n) intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself. Prejudice: (n) preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience. Racism: (n) a doctrine or political program designed to execute principles […]

MahoganyBooks Customer Favorites

August 8, 2017 MahoganyBooks

It’s amazing what we find when we look at what MahoganyBooks customers are purchasing and viewing on our website as compared to the type of “Black Books” given high-profile merchandising placement at other retailers. Even […]

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