MahoganyBooks Interviews Etan Thomas

Poet, Author, Activist, Pro NBA Ball Player, and most importantly, if you ask Etan himself, Father. We caught up with Etan Thomas at the 2016 Congressional Black Caucus Author Pavilion to get his thoughts on the importance of books that for  that

In Fatherhood, beloved NBA player, poet, children’s advocate, and devoted dad Etan Thomas speaks from his heart on what matters most in his life: being there for his children. As a leading participant in President Obama’s Fatherhood Initiative, Etan has reached out to young men (often young fathers) in the juvenile detention system and in local communities. He knows firsthand the difference having a father in your life every day can make.

After watching this video, skip over to our online bookstore and pick up your copy of Fatherhood: Rising to the Ultimate Challenge. Through the inspiring personal experiences of the men Etan has gathered together, he hopes to share the message that by standing up and taking an active role as fathers, men not only find their own lives more joyful and fulfilling—they pass on to the next generation an unshakable legacy of love, wisdom, responsibility, and strength.

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